Monday, May 3, 2010

Springtime Fun! Random Pics

~ Some great random pictures ~
My beautiful orchids for my birthday from good friends Lori and Jane!

~ My precious littlest boy~
This was at our pediatric dermatology office vist last week!
Funny story-Male nurse arrives to do vitals, etc...he leaves says doctor will be in - in a few minutes here is a gowna nd please have baby naked.  Shyly- I said okay - in my mind I was saying " ARE YOU SERIOUS DUDE?"  A one year old in a paper gown for a few minutes NAKED?  I went with the program-3 minutes later the gown was in SHREDS (should have captured that on film) and doctor arrives and let's me know we will be signing paperwork after the appointment for America's Funniest Video's  {laughing out loud-hyterically} - LOVE LOVE LOVE our newest specialist for our littlest boy~ he has a sense of great humor and he is a native Floridian - LOVE THAT!!!  No sooner did we check out and he was fast asleep in the nurses arms~ can we all say -"AHHHH"

Princess Sophia 5th Birthday!
Sophia is a special friend to our family, always lot's of laughs- posed with her sweet mom and dad!
Don't you just love that smile!

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