Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Look

Okay ... I am trying out some new looks on the blog... let me know what you think.  Sometimes the formatting gets messed up and the more I try to fix it the worse it gets.  Oh boy!


Top Ten Things I Love About Being a FLORIDA NATIVE!

Can you imagine this is where I actually live.  I'm on vacation everyday as my husband likes to remind me often of being a "work/stay at home mama"

I love being a NATIVE to life in Paradise.  I can tell you I get upset annoyed whenever I hear people complain about the cost of living, complain about the drivers, the people, the jobs, and everything else people complain about because it isn't like it is where they are from-my answer-as brash as it may sound *wink* GO HOME!  If it is so GREAT in _______________, then go back where you came from, if not than soak in a sunrise at the beach, get to know the REAL NATIVES of Palm Beach, and savor some local fare! 

Somethings I LOVE about being a Palm Beacher...

  • Being able to go almost anywhere-BAREFOOT

  • Flip Flops and Sundresses are acceptable attire

  • Pink & Green aren't just for preppies-but for Palm Beacher's

  • Jack Rogers    

  • Living in Paradise Year Round!
I remember when.....

  • I-95 stopped at PGA Blvd.

  • The Palm Beach Mall and Twin City Mall (both-no longer) were the places to be!

  • Jog Road was the boonies.

  • Wellington-never heard of that?

  • 1st Baptist of WPB (downtown) was the largest skyscraper

  • Beaches were as wide as long

  • Everyone owned a boat

  • Braman Motorcars used to be the movie theater for the Palm Beaches

  • Families would bike everywhere after dinner in the summer

  • It was $5 to go to the Rapids (they only had the 4 yellow slides-really!)

  • Tarazzo floors & Jalousy windows were made for natural A/C purposes

  • and so many more..please feel free to comment below on what you rememeber!
By Popular Demand....

My Top Ten List
Favorite Places to Visit:

  • Lakeside Park in North Palm Beach

  • Oceanfront Beach Park, Town of Ocean Ridge

  • The Town Center Mall of Boca Raton (Best Mall of PBC)

  • City Place-downtown WPB

  • Must-See Christmas Performances every year from 1st Baptist of WPB (Singing Christmas Tree) and Christ Fellowship Worship Performance

  • Local Farms to pick fresh produce (So. FL Produce/Rorabecks/Harvest Time)

  • Jupiter Lighthouse/DuBois Beach Park

  • The FAMOUS Palm Beach-Worth Ave./Ocean/A1A Drive
My Top Ten Favorite Places to Eat in Palm Beach County-
most local favorites, so hard to narrow it down to (11). 

Feel free to comment on any of the above, tell me what you remember if you are a Native!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I's been a while...just wait until you see...

We have had a lot of activity the last month of May...
It was Mother's boy's are always so generous-flowers & a Tiffany's bracelet (redo). And breakfast at the beach at one of my top 10 Palm Beach restaurants-Benny's on the Beach-sits right on the pier!  The sun was shining gorgeous on the Atlantic Beach-lot's of squinty-eyed pictures!

Then we had our MOPS Finale with a Mother's Day Tea for all the ladies, Karen Granger was our speaking (did someone say INCREDIBLE!) and the food-wow is all I can say-some of the ladies really our did themselves-Steering-we made hundreds {yes-100's) of chocolate dipped mega strawberries the night before and they were so yummy!

Then we hit the road for a week long get-a-way! and that it was...
First stop...Getting spoiled by Aunt Joyce & Uncle Dennis! 
They are the most AMAZING hosts!  Their hospitality is terrific, they greet my boy's with MORE toys (who wouldn't love that), hot breakfast EVERY morning, and a GORGEOUS home to indulge in the luxury!  I love you guys and all you do to show us love back! The photo above is Uncle Dennis sharing a salvation cube with Carter.  So sweet.  We even caught a glimpse of nature while there-a deer on our way out! 

We also celebrated Kyle's graduation at his house with a big bash while in North FL! 
You both look GEORGEOUS!
one of my very best friends, Valerie & Kyle~
We wish you great success in all you do Kyle!!!
I even was able to sneak in a Pampered Chef show for dear close friend from my days in Jacksonville- Carol and was able to write that portion of my trip off-Thanks Carol and Pampered Chef!! 
Here is her family we got to spend the day with while visiting.

Then... we drove just a little south to meet up with Nana & Papa at yet another place to be spoiled-Hilton Grand Vacations Club -now that is the way to travel these days~ This is our fourth time being in total luxury while vacationing.  Everything you need right on the property-you never have to leave.  Activities from the time you wake up-until you go to bed.  Here are just a few [really...just a few]of our few days...

We just loved the pool area from early morning until early evening! It wouldn't be a summer without a google-faced Carter-would it? Yes, that is papa-69 years young going down the water slides with Carter.  Griffin was quite the swimmer.  He walked right in the beach-entry pool, flipped over and laughed.  The activity rooms were great-lot's of fun activities to do-we engaged in a life-size Jenga game, Carter played in some pool Olympics, and then relaxed with his mango daiquiri.  Each day we were glad we had a jumbo stroller- the picture above shows all our "stuff" we needed for a fun day and if you look close there are tiny legs/feet peeking out as there was a sleeping baby camouflaged in there.

One night we meet up with Christopher and went to Outback!  Gosh, we miss him- we hadn't visited with him since Christmas so we were grateful to grab him for the night-too bad school wasn't out for him yet!  We will see more of him this summer!

Thanks Papa & Nana for a fun few days away!  You guys are the greatest!

We came home after a week of fun because Carter had a special event!

I'm so proud of my son! [* sniff-sniff *] 
He is sunbeam on a cloudy day! 
He just lights up my eyes when I see his face!
I am thankful to the Calvary Christian School-Preschool department for all the time they invested in my little boy to help mold him in the likeness of God and to help give him a foundation that he will build his life upon-JESUS!  Every teacher and staff member is incredible and are true beacons of light! 
I believe the saying to be true-"it does take a village to raise a child"!
What a great year it was for Pre-K!
So...this was our May...Hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse!