Thursday, June 3, 2010

I's been a while...just wait until you see...

We have had a lot of activity the last month of May...
It was Mother's boy's are always so generous-flowers & a Tiffany's bracelet (redo). And breakfast at the beach at one of my top 10 Palm Beach restaurants-Benny's on the Beach-sits right on the pier!  The sun was shining gorgeous on the Atlantic Beach-lot's of squinty-eyed pictures!

Then we had our MOPS Finale with a Mother's Day Tea for all the ladies, Karen Granger was our speaking (did someone say INCREDIBLE!) and the food-wow is all I can say-some of the ladies really our did themselves-Steering-we made hundreds {yes-100's) of chocolate dipped mega strawberries the night before and they were so yummy!

Then we hit the road for a week long get-a-way! and that it was...
First stop...Getting spoiled by Aunt Joyce & Uncle Dennis! 
They are the most AMAZING hosts!  Their hospitality is terrific, they greet my boy's with MORE toys (who wouldn't love that), hot breakfast EVERY morning, and a GORGEOUS home to indulge in the luxury!  I love you guys and all you do to show us love back! The photo above is Uncle Dennis sharing a salvation cube with Carter.  So sweet.  We even caught a glimpse of nature while there-a deer on our way out! 

We also celebrated Kyle's graduation at his house with a big bash while in North FL! 
You both look GEORGEOUS!
one of my very best friends, Valerie & Kyle~
We wish you great success in all you do Kyle!!!
I even was able to sneak in a Pampered Chef show for dear close friend from my days in Jacksonville- Carol and was able to write that portion of my trip off-Thanks Carol and Pampered Chef!! 
Here is her family we got to spend the day with while visiting.

Then... we drove just a little south to meet up with Nana & Papa at yet another place to be spoiled-Hilton Grand Vacations Club -now that is the way to travel these days~ This is our fourth time being in total luxury while vacationing.  Everything you need right on the property-you never have to leave.  Activities from the time you wake up-until you go to bed.  Here are just a few [really...just a few]of our few days...

We just loved the pool area from early morning until early evening! It wouldn't be a summer without a google-faced Carter-would it? Yes, that is papa-69 years young going down the water slides with Carter.  Griffin was quite the swimmer.  He walked right in the beach-entry pool, flipped over and laughed.  The activity rooms were great-lot's of fun activities to do-we engaged in a life-size Jenga game, Carter played in some pool Olympics, and then relaxed with his mango daiquiri.  Each day we were glad we had a jumbo stroller- the picture above shows all our "stuff" we needed for a fun day and if you look close there are tiny legs/feet peeking out as there was a sleeping baby camouflaged in there.

One night we meet up with Christopher and went to Outback!  Gosh, we miss him- we hadn't visited with him since Christmas so we were grateful to grab him for the night-too bad school wasn't out for him yet!  We will see more of him this summer!

Thanks Papa & Nana for a fun few days away!  You guys are the greatest!

We came home after a week of fun because Carter had a special event!

I'm so proud of my son! [* sniff-sniff *] 
He is sunbeam on a cloudy day! 
He just lights up my eyes when I see his face!
I am thankful to the Calvary Christian School-Preschool department for all the time they invested in my little boy to help mold him in the likeness of God and to help give him a foundation that he will build his life upon-JESUS!  Every teacher and staff member is incredible and are true beacons of light! 
I believe the saying to be true-"it does take a village to raise a child"!
What a great year it was for Pre-K!
So...this was our May...Hope you enjoyed taking a glimpse!

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