Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I won my second BLOG contest - Do I hear a shout out?

What did I win?  a $40 gift card with Expressions Vinyl ( their button is on the right)!  LOVE IT- LOVE IT!
I actually had an order in the shopping cart there.  I am SO SO SO excited.  Baby G was laughing at me as I was reading the email on my phone as I was making something for the school with my Cricut!!!
I wasn't just reading...I was SCREAMing!!!

I was just telling the hubster about this lady who I read in blogland won a $5 trip to Paris.  She was taking a class at a college, and a club booster was hosting a fundraiser and she bought a raffle ticket for the trip-Holy Smokes- can you imagine?

Well, I'm not going to Paris, but I feel like I am in Heaven just for winning the vinyl! Can't wait to CREATE!

Thanks  Kari at Ucreate who hosted the contest!!!  She has great contests and GREAT project ideas for everyone!  Check out her blog!

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