Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is a Mom?

All week long, I have received cards, emails, updates, deals, contests, discounts, giveaways, freebies, e-cards, and so on...but there is no greater feeling-than that of being a mom.  I have two AMAZING kiddos, did I say AMAZING!

They give me enjoyment EVERYDAY!  Even those not-so-fun moments are terrific when you realize your a mom.  I thought age 4 was my favorite...but age 5 has been amazing...the compliments I receive are what make it worth it. :) as well as the kind-behaved-loving-Godly personality features on my boy  The Babe-well he keeps me on my toes AT ALL TIMES!  I look at him and KNOW-miracles are from God-and having kids is just that!  You know-God picks us out to be moms-there is no greater gift!  And behind all of it-I thank Him each day and I thank hubster too-without him-well we all know how that works~

Happy Mother's Day Family, Friends and Readers! 

Random Mother's Day Wekend Pictures
Mother's Day Art Show at school, pool fun, and breakfast with all my boys!

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