Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I won my second BLOG contest - Do I hear a shout out?

What did I win?  a $40 gift card with Expressions Vinyl ( their button is on the right)!  LOVE IT- LOVE IT!
I actually had an order in the shopping cart there.  I am SO SO SO excited.  Baby G was laughing at me as I was reading the email on my phone as I was making something for the school with my Cricut!!!
I wasn't just reading...I was SCREAMing!!!

I was just telling the hubster about this lady who I read in blogland won a $5 trip to Paris.  She was taking a class at a college, and a club booster was hosting a fundraiser and she bought a raffle ticket for the trip-Holy Smokes- can you imagine?

Well, I'm not going to Paris, but I feel like I am in Heaven just for winning the vinyl! Can't wait to CREATE!

Thanks  Kari at Ucreate who hosted the contest!!!  She has great contests and GREAT project ideas for everyone!  Check out her blog!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Cricut Samples-I'm proud of for a beginner

Okay so most of you know that I got a Cricut Expression for my birthday from my dear hubster.  I got the amazing pink one you can see in a previous post that came with 3 cartridges.  WHA HOOO! if you know anything about Cricut. :)  Anyhow-here are a few samples I have played with.  I made monogrammed clipboards for the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, a banner sign that reads: PINK (for a Breast Cancer Tennis Tournament I volunteered at, personalized candles using vinyl, which have been a lot of fun (Mother's Day I had the mother and mother in love -design their own with the Cricut), and the cute picture of gorgeous Mother and the adorable birthday Babe below-show a snipit of a Celebrate Banner I made for our Maynard Celebrations!  I will keep adding as I dream or borrow projects.  I have yet to scrap with my Cricut--because the crafting has been so much fun!

-Menu Plan Tuesday-

It's Tuesday-I know, but this was on the computer before today-just getting on the blog now~ Thanks for the reminder Jill P..

Here is my menu plan this week!

Monday-Garlic Beef Stir-Fry/Wide Noodles (I haven't used that pan in a few years and it sounded so good-and was!

Tuesday-Grilled Mahi Mahi-green beans-fresh fruit-baby salad greens

Wednesday-Deli Night (sandwiches on Rye), chips, fruit

Thursday-Chicken Cutlets with lemon butter sauce-mashed potatoes-fresh fruit

Friday-Make Your Own Soft Tacos, corn on the cob, fresh fruit

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is a Mom?

All week long, I have received cards, emails, updates, deals, contests, discounts, giveaways, freebies, e-cards, and so on...but there is no greater feeling-than that of being a mom.  I have two AMAZING kiddos, did I say AMAZING!

They give me enjoyment EVERYDAY!  Even those not-so-fun moments are terrific when you realize your a mom.  I thought age 4 was my favorite...but age 5 has been amazing...the compliments I receive are what make it worth it. :) as well as the kind-behaved-loving-Godly personality features on my boy  The Babe-well he keeps me on my toes AT ALL TIMES!  I look at him and KNOW-miracles are from God-and having kids is just that!  You know-God picks us out to be moms-there is no greater gift!  And behind all of it-I thank Him each day and I thank hubster too-without him-well we all know how that works~

Happy Mother's Day Family, Friends and Readers! 

Random Mother's Day Wekend Pictures
Mother's Day Art Show at school, pool fun, and breakfast with all my boys!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Party - Pampered Chef Pink Party!

It's that time of year again!
My Annual
Pampered Chef
Pink Party!
Did you know that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer?
Do you sit on a committee or work in an office or have a Bible study or something where there are 8 ladies- look around? who might it be or perhaps maybe already someone has been diagnosed- With early detection and regular screenings and mammograms, the 5 year survival rate is improved to 98%. That is a great statistic, but this is SCARY people!!

Right now you can get several special Pampered Chef products that are "PINK" and at the same time help contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Programs. 

Every year, The Pampered Chef joins the American Cancer Society to raise funds for this effort through their Help Whip Cancer campaign to date already 7.9 million has been raised through this 31 day program-That is AMAZING!. There are specific items designated for this cause that are only available in May and for each one purchased, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society. 

I am hosting a 10 day online fundraiser to promote the Help Whip Cancer campaign. Rather than collect the rewards for hosting the fundraiser, I am giving them to one of my lucky readers that orders from my blog party! The winner will be able to choose from Pampered Chef products from the catalog (amount depends on total sales). What’s really cool is that everyone has a chance to earn something free! Anyone ordering $60 or more (before the discount, tax and shipping) will receive two Help Whip Cancer reusable shopping bags.

Instructions on how to order:
Go to:
Click on:  Shop Online
Add Host Name: BLOG PARTY
 and begin shopping.  Check out the specials (PINK stuff) and all the rest of the hundreds of terrific products Pampered Chef has each season!

Think you may want to host or collect some orders {traditional & pink products}?  Not only are you getting rewarded for your efforts with these incentives - average host gets $140 in FREE shopping, up to 3 half price items, up to 30% off EVERYTHING else, FREE Shipping, 10% off for an ENTIRE year, and specials EVERY month (just for you)!! - you are also HELPING the American Cancer Society!
Thank you in Advance!!! This is a program special to me and our family!

Any additional questions?  Email me at!
Don't forget to leave comments!  I love comments!


** Menu Plan Monday **

Okay here I am again... It's time to post my weekly menu.
I won't tell you as much as I did last post on Menu Plan Monday-so if you want some good tips check a few posts ago...

Here are my Five Menus for this week!
  • Monday- 30 minute Roasted Chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Honey Baked Ham :) carrots, fresh fruit
  • Mahi Mahi over salad greens, fresh fruit
  • Grilled Italian Chicken Sausage with Pasta and Marinara, fresh fruit
  • 10 minute Honey Mustard Roasted Pork Loin. salad greens, corn on the cob, fresh fruit

Happy Mother's Day to all this week!  I hope all of you readers have someone to cook for you or take you out for a well deserved meal!  I am treating my mom and mother in love to a beautiful home cooked meal!  I haven't finished my menu yet, but will post when I do~

Check out and see all the great menu's this week-grab some ideas-to help your family planning!

Springtime Fun! Random Pics

~ Some great random pictures ~
My beautiful orchids for my birthday from good friends Lori and Jane!

~ My precious littlest boy~
This was at our pediatric dermatology office vist last week!
Funny story-Male nurse arrives to do vitals, etc...he leaves says doctor will be in - in a few minutes here is a gowna nd please have baby naked.  Shyly- I said okay - in my mind I was saying " ARE YOU SERIOUS DUDE?"  A one year old in a paper gown for a few minutes NAKED?  I went with the program-3 minutes later the gown was in SHREDS (should have captured that on film) and doctor arrives and let's me know we will be signing paperwork after the appointment for America's Funniest Video's  {laughing out loud-hyterically} - LOVE LOVE LOVE our newest specialist for our littlest boy~ he has a sense of great humor and he is a native Floridian - LOVE THAT!!!  No sooner did we check out and he was fast asleep in the nurses arms~ can we all say -"AHHHH"

Princess Sophia 5th Birthday!
Sophia is a special friend to our family, always lot's of laughs- posed with her sweet mom and dad!
Don't you just love that smile!