Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Early Birthday to me from my Hubster!

Can you really believe it-I can't- all my local girlfriends are so tired of hearing me say how much I would love a Cricut Expression~ Well-low and behold they FINALLY went on sale at Michaels last week!  I have the hookup with the manager there-Anthony-he is totally AWESOME and had this Limited Edition Pink Journey Cricut Expression-with 3 cartridges just for me because he knows I DROLL over it everytime I am in the store!!  WHAHOO!!! What a BONUS that is to have a PINK one, and with 3 cartridges-if you know anything about Cricuts!!
While I was prego and nocturnal with Griffin-I would watch the hour-long info-mercials about the cricut expression-I knew I could do all the exciting projects they showed and -yep! I was sold!!
(isn't that the point of infomercials)
Anyhow-I could ramble FORever about my NEW CRICUT!!!
Love it, love it, love it!!!
Thank you so much love!!!
I will be posting soon, my first project!! It is a winner in my book! I can hardly believe I made it either...

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Kenimer Kids said...

I just watched the videos for the Cricut Cake machine! UNBELIEVABLE!