Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning Everyone~Hope it was a fun filled weekend for you-we are still a little sleepy with the time change, but it was nice to have some extra daylight in sunny south Florida which we like to call paradise!
On  the menu this week-simple-but tasty! Griffin is off baby food now-WHA HOO! and he eats EVERYTHING at least this year~ This is a busy night-time week for us-Brett is out of the house Mon-Weds for dinner and Friday I am out at a Pampered Chef conference in Orlando. So here it goes~

Monday- Lemon Greek Roasted Chicken w/ Field Greens - Fresh Cut Fruit

Tuesday- Quesadilla's using left over chicken with Brown Rice - Fresh Cut Fruit - so like there's no chicken left over- it was that good- LOL - Just me and the kids tonight, Grilled Shrimp/over Field Greens (PB&J's)

Wednesday- Irish Potato Soup with Crusty Bread-Boxty Potato Cakes, Green Peas, Fresh Cut Fruit

Thursday- Beef Faita's over Field Greens- Fresh Cut Fruit

Friday-Take Out for whoever is home! (I'm in a conference in Orlando for the day)

There are HUNDREDS of great menu ideas, some with recipes too at Menu Plan Monday at Check out the site and link up with what your having~
I think a plan get's you started when you are looking at your clock at 4:30 wondering What's for Dinner???

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