Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Join me and HUNDREDS of others who post and share great menu's for the week!  Check it out at Organized Junkie!

You can go back a few menu's and see why Menu Planning is so important! 
Here are just a few thoughts to get you started.




Start Simple-Write down 5 meals your family likes-or-
5 meals you can start to plan with the ingredients you have in your icebox/pantry
-use your sale ads from the paper or online to create your menu/shopping list (this is the part that saves you $$)-be flexible {plan 5-7 meals and pick from those-instead of saying you will have ___ on Monday-that may throw people for a loop and then not continue}-continue once a week to set aside time to do this-take input from your kids and family members-if you don't blog and you need accountibility to do this EMAIL your menu's to me ( I would be glad to praise you for your efforts-help you with recipe ideas or give your resources-and overall be your cheerleaderto help you stop asking yourself
at 5 PM "What's for Dinner?"

Here are my 5 menu ideas for the week!
What's on your Menu?
Comment below and let me know!!

** Some of my readers have often asked -"why do you eat so much Caesar Salad?"  Well-that is the hubster's only salad dressing choice-so I have searched HIGH and low for a "healthy" alternative to the original and I found it!! Thank you Publix Market!  Found in the Produce section of refrigerated dressings Bolthouse Yougurt dressings are DE-LICIOUS!  I linked to their site above so you can see!

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