Monday, April 26, 2010

Did someone say S-L-A-C-K--E-R?

Yes, Yes!!! I am the ultimate slacker in the last few weeks-at least for my upkeep of my blog!
We have had event after event, birthday after birthday and yes...NONE of these have really been documented! UGH!!

We go back as far as...MARCH-Griffin celebrated his 1st Birthday-truly a MIRACLE!  I did write a little about it a few posts ago.  Check it out~  Then a day later was my mom's 70th Birthday which Pop and I threw a HUGE party for the event-it took up a whole lot of extra time for planning and making sure she was surprised with some out of town visitors, and getting everything together for that day.  It was about a week of recovery time and time spent with out of town family-Oh yes, I still have my job with the government school program and Pampered Chef-both busy as ever-church activities-MOPS ministry, and then there is the housework-and all the things that need attention from the Stay at Home Mom-WHAT? I mean WORK AT HOME mamna!!  Enough-complaining!

Asides all that...[I am sure your exhausted just reading about it]-I am excited about my new Cricut and learning Digital Scrapbooking and trying to keep up with crop time for both-what is cropping? Well that is time spent "crafting" as I put it. 

I am going to try to keep up this week-little by little!  I promise!

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