Thursday, August 12, 2010

I promise...

Haven't we all heard those endearing words..."I promise..." well I do...
I appreciate some of the emails and comments I have got about my blog-thank you fans-LOL!

I am working on a few projects right now (crafting, food, and photo stuff) so I have slacked a bunch to keep up with my personal blog and keeping it updated throughout the summer.  In the last three weeks we have traveled on our family get-a-way, I attended a AWESOME ALL*DAY craft day/workshop (thanks mom & Joe 4 hanging with the little people), gone to a four day MOPS conference at the GAYLORD-wha hooo with my MOPS leadership group, attended my grandmother's funeral (RIP DJ), my Pampered Chef business, and all the rest of the happenings with school starting (my golden child goes off to kindergarten (*sniff*sniff) and my No Child Left Behind job.  WHewwwwww~ I'm tired of just listing all that in the last three weeks.  So give me a few days and I'll get those photos up and the musings of our summer as it comes to a end in a few days~

Be blessed always as you go through the day!

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