Sunday, August 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

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Well this is an interested week for us as I have to work two days during dinner time, and will be out of town on Friday night until Saturday night.  Hmmmm~ 
However, I do have some meals ready to go, cleaned, washed, and frozen for whatever might happen...  Here are five menu ideas for this week!

  • Steak Fingers-Mashed Potatoes-Fresh Fruit

  • Turkey Tacos-Yellow Rice-Fresh Fruit

  • Pasta/Alfredo with Grilled Chicken-Green Beans-Fresh Fruit

  • Meatball Parmesan-Garlic Bread-Fresh Fruit

  • Grilled Chicken or Mahi Ceasar Salad-Fresh Fruit
QUICK TIP:  Next time your fire up your grill, cook your meat, veggies, etc... for several meals in advance.  Makes it a whole lot easier to get your meal to the
table with the delicious taste of the grill.

I know our menu may seem redundant with FRESH FRUIT at EVERY MEAL.  Well in all defense, we live 2 miles from a farmers market and who wouldn't want FRESH FRUIT at every meal.  It is inexpensive, healthy, and everyone eats it!  I hope everyone has a great week of cooking and eating.  I plan on trying new recipes next week from a few new cookbooks I got from The Pampered Chef.  I will be sure to include links to get those new recipes!

Until we eat again...

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