Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the first day of Carter's school career!  He was so excited to wake up this morning and dress in his uniform (thank God!), and make his way to his new classroom at Calvary Christian.  His new teacher for Kindergarten is Mrs. Reena.  He told me about his new desk, and all the new things he learned today.  He is so excited to have Emma in his class this year since they have gone to school three years and not been in the same class. 
This year he will focus on Reading, Math, and Language.  They will also have studies in Science, Computers, Art, History, Music, PE, Social Studies & Geography.  That sure is a lot, but I am certain he will maintain a hunger for all the new adventures he will go on this year and become a walking sponge with all types of new facts to teach Hubs and I about.

*On a side note-littlest boy sure was sad when Carter left this morning. 
They have become buddies this past summer.


joe jackson said...

No matter how many kids you would have I would love them all, but I will always have such affection for Carter because of the way he changed my outlook on life.

barb said...

awww- papa that was sweet!