Sunday, July 11, 2010

**Summer Fun**

What define's summer fun? 
This year we decided to go naked for summer-what do I mean by summer camp, etc.
We have ad-libbed all summer so far with no major commitments.  We joined a few of the discount promos for the kids movies and bowling.  C-man participated in his school VBS, but no day-to-day planned activities unless of course we needed to make set plans.  It has been fun, relaxing, and a great summer so far.
We have beached-it , made trips to the library, water parks, had out of town visitors, old-fashion parks (LOL-no waterplay area-C-man calls it this), pool, movies, lot's of bowling, indoor playground @ church, arts & crafts, summer bridge learning times, and playdates classmates & lunch with friends!  It has been a blast watching both boys GROW, GROW, GROW this summer!
We have planned a quick summer get-a-way at the end of July with our family and some family friends, but all in all-just lounging around and hanging out-after all we already live in Paradise!  We have 5 official weeks left of summer before C-man starts Kindergarten!  So we are soaking it up here in South Florida enjoying the lazy days of summer!


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