Thursday, February 18, 2010

28 Day Challenge!

Okay so many of you know that I am doing the ORGANIZING JUNKIE'S 28 Day Challenge on my home office for The Pampered Chef and my No Child Left Behind government job - which I share with Brett for his tennis stringer, his desk top computer and my crafting space- all in a 10x10 space. I have tried for over 5 years to streamline this space to be productive for both of us since we don't have the space for separateness. It has been a challenge, we orignally had the second double master which was ample space, but then baby #2 came along and we thought of losing it all together would be even worse so the boys share the other master and we took the smaller room for our businesses and hobbies. It has been a long time in the making, but I guess I have got caught up one too many times with other activities, my children or my jobs. So.....Here I am taking the "official" challenge-FINALLY-I think I also got sick of tripping on things, falling several times (actually hurting myself), and losing important papers for one thing or another~ the challenge is half over and I think I am doing well on schedule. I have purged just about everything that I no longer need in that room-although some may beg to differ, but for now it is going, and the desk is getting a clean slate right now-wha hoo- I may even be able to set up my own laptop soon. Take at look at the before pics below-pretty ugly-and stay tuned for the end results. This week I went to IKEA for some shelving that is my project this weekend amongst getting rid of the cute border and blue walls :) Wish me blessings!

Are those beautiful real hardwood floors under all that mess- Yeap!

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Kenimer Kids said...

WOW! Can't wait to see the end result!!! Good luck!! :)