Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Stuff

All right, friends and family~ you all know that I love to shop, love to cook, love to eat, love to... a lot of things, but one thing that loves me is STUFF! In the last several years one of my closest friends has encouraged me to dump, simplify, reorganize, and rid my life as a WAHM (work at home mom) with the extra STUFF that is lying around my house, in my office, my bedroom, my kitchen cabinets, my pantry, my closets, etc. I have made some small goals since baby #2 was in womb, and can successfully say the process has be S-L-O-W, but I am doing it. In May, I committed to eating out of my pantry that was exploding with BOGO's (buy one get one), expired food items, and unnecessary purchases in the foodie area. So, we only went to the market or grocery store for additional food unless it was necessary, and on top of that we saved a TON of money from unnecessary purchases. Well, now my pantry is cleaned up-things thrown out that were too old, etc. and re organized! My good friend, Selene, who is a personal organizer by trade came to rescue my beginning efforts. She redid with what I had left! You can see the pictures above and I have committed not to overstock.
VBS and Summer camp at Carter's school also gave me a push with overstocked scrapbooking and stamping supplies, dollar store treats, formula cans, and miscellaneous craft STUFF - I am glad I was able to donate two HUGE shopping bags to them!
My next HUGE project is my bedroom. It is beautiful with the chocolate brown and Robin's Egg blue color going on, except the beauty is outweighed by the extra items that found homes in what is supposed to be my "secret place", "my refuge from a hectic day"! There are matchbox cars in there amongst other boy toys, dog toys that make there way in and under my bed, a vacuum cleaner, laundry that is not in the beautiful wicker basket, piles of clothes to be donated or consigned-do you see my visual? Anyhow, that is my next tackle. I will post my journey with simplifying and becoming clutter-free. I am thankful for my dear friend who has motivated me to rid-my-life of STUFF! She is an inspiration herself if you get to know her! Thanks Selene-you have seen my skeletons in the closet-literally and still love me the way I am~

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