Friday, June 19, 2009

Build A Bear for Brother!

Carter woke up last week and said, "Mama, can I make a brother bear for Griffy to make him feel better today?" How could I say no to that... It was a day that Griffin had a blood draw at the hematologist office. So he picked out the same bear he has and made one for little brother at Build A Bear - what a fun place!

Not sure about all this~ My foot hurts from giving blood today!

Carter stuffing Griffin's first Build A Bear!

Finding just the right "heart" to stuff in the bear!

Washing the newborn bear
"Look Griffin-this is the bear I made for you!"
BROTHERLY LOVE - ahhhhhhhh~

BEARS for BROTHER's - Sushi a.k.a. JACOB (Carter's bear-he renamed after we got home), and HENRY (the bear Carter made for Griffin)!

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Apple said...

awww he looks so happy building the bear. My kiddos love build a bear. It's fun watching them put them together. There smiles are priceless.