Friday, April 3, 2009

Griffin Update

Well another surprise this week... yesterday was a really hard day for all of us. Griffin-physically, us-emotionally. Griffin's breathing was very labored so they opted to put in a chest tube (very painful-on morphine) and put him on a ventilator. Well as they tried the ventilator procedure his throat was too small and it would be more trauma. So he went back on the C-pap machine (helps him breath instead of breathing for him-it opens his airways in his lungs wider than they can go to assist) and up-ed his O2.

Today when I went to visit I looked in his little cocoon, and he was off all breathing machines and O2, and breathing on his own. Miracles do happen! Now this has truly been a HUGE massive roller coaster (like the one at Sea World!) Huge mountains are gained, and deep valley's. I know his progress is only because of God himself! God is so BIG and has Griffin's life plan in the palm of His hand. Please continue to pray for him. Enjoy his sweet face as I did- I held him in my arms for an hour today, I even gave him his very first bottle-he has been on a feeding tube and an IV.
It was surreal~

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Kenimer Kids said...

AMEN!!! God certainly answers prayers! I love looking at pictures of Griffin and reading about his progress. You remain in my thoughts and in my heart and most importantly, in my prayers! Stay strong, Barb!! We love you! Love, The Kenimer's