Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Would You Believe This?? or as Carter would say...What in the World?

Would you believe at 33 weeks pregnant I had to have an emergency wisdom tooth removal. Yes, that is what I said. What in the world? Before I found out I was officially prego, I gracefully received my 4th wisdom tooth the summer of 08. A little late I think at 35. It came in with decay/cavity-just my luck. My former dentist sent me off to a oral surgeon, but no-can-do, he said being that I was prego. It didn't hurt so I let it go until... last Monday it all of a sudden hurt so bad I thought it may hurt worse than LABOR! So our good friend Alison's uncle is a great dentist, (Dr. Steven Rosenberg-Boca) and saw me within an hour of calling and said it would not be a problem to pull it out right there. I had no time to think about it, just get it over with. As I laid in the dental chair with Carter at my feet, he rubbed my leg and asked me if the baby was coming. Too sweet, but then he was off to the office manager's office to help her while Dr. Rosenberg yanked that rotten thing out of my mouth! WHEWW~~ it's gone, a week later, now I feel great, and on the mend in my mouth. What in the World? I just have to look back and LAUGH to myself~ WHAT ELSE!!!


Fulton Quads said...

I am so glad you are no longer in pain! Nothing like being in pain & not being able to do anything about it! I too had dental issues when I was prego but I did not find a nice dentist! Darn! I wish I knew of him when I needed my wisdom tooth pulled!
Love, Cathy & the quads

The Perfect Trio said...

wow!!! i still have all of my wisdom teeth...i feel any wiser...LOL

I love that Carter was asking if the baby is coming!!!!! Cutie!