Monday, March 9, 2009

I think I fall into the catagory of NOCTURNAL Animals!

If you notice all these interesting creatures and animals as you scroll down you notice how BIG their eyes are at night. I guess that is how I feel these days. My usually time I am awake is about 2:15 AM until about 4:15 or so. So if you are ever up you may catch me available to chat, text message or IM. I am hoping this is a VERY short season of these last months of pregnancy. Brett thinks God is preparing me for night feedings coming oh-so shortly. I am trying to get as many Zzzz's as I can so I can keep up with Carter these days. He is my outdoors man so we are playing soccer in the yard, or I am pushing the back of his BIG bike down the sidewalk (what a sight if you live in the Boynton area) at 8 months pregnant. I have to laugh outloud!

This is the one I really feel like on a typical night HUGE eyes!!!

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