Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend at Nana & Papas

Griffin had enough a few weeks ago, he under went a blood transfusion to help his red blood cells develop, and he was sick of all of the doctor's visits we have had to go to in the last 6 weeks. Well, what cures that....Nana & Papas house of course! The boys and I spent four days in Palm Beach Gardens last week because Brett wasn't feeling well and he didn't want us to catch anything. We were spoiled of course with yummy homemade cooking, swimming in the pool, goodies to take home, ice cream before bed, and a little mother-daughter time that was due at the mall. Papa gladly took over when we needed him too with Griffin, but Nana is the main squeeze when it comes to the littlest grandbaby!

Starting to suck his thumb! oh boy!
Griffin's first bath at Nana's house, she was so excited to get everything ready, I thought I was going to laugh myself silly! Have at it!Big Brother always is a HUGE help!

All clean! My jammies are still a little too big, can you tell?
Big Brother Carter is the BEST!!!

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