Sunday, February 22, 2009

My 25 Things!

Here are my 25 facts...

1. I'm a Christian, thanks be to God

2. I have been to Disney World-Orlando over 100+ times - Love it everytime!

3. I love my pooch because he loves me more!

4. I love to read magazines, I am just now getting into books.

5. I am huge fan of preschool! God's best gift to moms!

6. I think my husband is the best thing ever!

7. My favorite movie is "Coyote Ugly"

8. My guilt: my kid is sleeping with me these days!

9. I just learned to blog/Face Book this year - it is way cool - who thinks of this stuff?

10. I love being a Floridian, I wear flip-flops with everything.

11. I have recently realized I need to get my act together before this baby arrives in 8-10 weeks. Oh boy!

12. I watch HGTV and movie channels in the middle of the night since I don't sleep anymore.

13. I used to watch "food tv network" every night to go to sleep except I am opposed to food these days being prego!

14. I'm growing fond of boys sports, since my little guy now plays them.

15. Green is my favorite color. It is so refreshing at this time of year!

16. I cannot keep my kitchen countertops from being a dumping ground :(

17. Pregnancy is my weight loss program ( I don't know how, it just is since I vomit for 10 months.)

18. I am addicted to Brewed-Only Iced Tea (unsweet), and Hot Cocoa from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

19. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a partial knee replacement so I can participate better in sports or activities.

20. I constantly want to improve my understanding and knowledge of things.

21. I want to go to Austrailia for my 6th anniversary - Brett's dream trip!

22. I love being a Mommy to Carter

23. I don't eat pasta- never acquired a love or taste for it!

24. I am starting my spring herb garden now (wish me luck)

25. I can't believe how Great God has been to me and my family, it's almost scary how such low-lows can bring good:)

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