Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Post

All right, here it is finally. My much anticipated blog. I think these are so cool. I finally made time to create the beginning. We stayed in our jammies all day, and I have been slowly trying to get the motivation to try to get this going. With some rest time on the agenda lately-here it is. No pictures today, I am lucky I finally figured out the music. I love listening to the music some of my blog buddies have while looking on the blog. It is complete. My inspiration for a blog was my penpal buddy, Melissa in JAX. She is amazing. Check out her's~http://www.theperfecttrio.blogspot.com

Well if you haven't read my title and learned our news in our house- we are expecting a new arrival come the beginning of May. It seems miles away, but I know it will go by fast when I am feeling better. I have been told a hundred and one times every pregnancy is different, well this one is different for sure! The grammies are holding out for the granddaughter to be- us~ we are hoping for another son! I thought many moons ago I wanted a baby girl hands down, but I have grown in a instant I met my miracle angel that I was meant to be a boy mama. But at the end of the day... we want a healthy baby, and will welcome what God has blessed us with. Please pray for my pregnancy. It has been a rough start, and is going okay, no complications, but I have been sick as a dog, and have driven my love to sleep on the couch with my crazy sleeping patterns, and habits in the late hours.

I will close for the night- this has been fun, and look forward to updating as the week goes on hopefully with some new pictures of the family~
Be Blessed Always~

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The Perfect Trio said...

Woo-hoo!! I'm so proud of you!!! Your very first post on your very first blog.

I can't wait to read your DAILY posts! :o)